How to make your tan last longer?

How to make your tan last longer?
We’ve all experienced getting back from a nice holiday and within a week that holiday glow is gone and your skin is peeling. Sometimes the peeling starts already on a plane.
So how could we prevent the tan from fading and make our sunkissed look last longer ? Speaking from our own experience here are the top tips to make your tan last longer.
1. Moisturizing is the KEY.
Laying and relaxing in the sun all day is in fact quite drying for our skin, so it is important to have a great moisturizer. We recommend to choose products that are rich in oils and more buttery, to give deep hydration to your skin and feed it.
Another tip is to moisturize your skin properly already before tanning, while tanning and especially after tanning. This way you will avoid your skin peeling, cause we all know that once your skin starts peeling it won’t stop and there goes the tan.
Let’s not forget also that we need to keep our body hydrated aswell, not only from outside but also inside, which means don’t forget to drink plenty of water daily, especially when out in the sun.
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2. Forget hot showers and baths.
Well we don’t really think that you should avoid hot showers forever, but it might be a good decision for a while when your goal is to have your natural tan for longer. What hot showers and baths do to our skin is they actually dehydrate it and can make it more dry. Another tip is to use oil based shower gel to prevent dryness ofcorse. Just remember to go easy on the hot water :)
3. Vitamin E and Beta - Carotenes.
Vitamin E is essential for your skin to look healthy, it’s also powerful antioxidant that may be effective at reducing UV damage in skin. You can also apply Vitamin E topically to help nourish your skin and protect it from damage that can be caused by free radicals.
Beta carotene is very good for skin just like vitamin E, possibly protecting from harmful UV radiation and helps to maintain your skin healthy.
The easiest way to consume both antioxidants daily is to make healthy food decisions. Vitamine E rich foods are all leafy greens and nuts and seeds. Beta Carotene rich foods are all the vegetables that have strong pigment in their color such as carrot, sweet potato , tomatoes, broccoli and so on.
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4. Exfoliate & Fake it.
Exfoliating is super important to get rid of the old and dull skin that might be peeling already anyway. But when you do it, make sure to do it gently. Either try using a dry brush before showering or a shower sponge while showering. Now speaking from our own experience, we recommend using a nice natural or why not even homemade body scrub to exfoliate your skin to give it a soft feel and a nice glow afterwards.
Now when you’ve done your exfoliating and got rid of all the dead skin cells to make your tan pop more and look more fresh we do recommend using self tanners every now and then to enhance the color of your skin. Just make sure not to over do it so that it will still look natural. If you are not really into to self-tanners try using a gradual tanning lotion. It will keep your skin hydrated, while also enhancing your tan a little more each day.  Tip from our own experience is to use it at night before going to bed and your good to go in the morning. 

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