Which swimsuits are best for my body type?

Which swimsuits are best for my body type?
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Before we go more into it and you don't exactly know what body shape you are, here's a bikini calculator that can help you figure it out.
If you already know your body shape, thats good but there is another thing to remember WEAR WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY! You're the most beautiful when you feel confident in what you wear! This post will only act as a guide to create a more flattering and balanced look between your top and bottom body part. 
Pear shapes tend to have delicate, narrow shoulders, a slim waist and curves around the hips and bum –  You're curvy at the hips and thighs and smaller on top.
PEAR SHAPE BODY. Swimwear bikini kissnthrill Kiss 'n' Thrill KISS N THRILL body shape body type
To visually create a balance between your smaller top half and wider bottom half, wear an eye-catching top, like our SUKI FLORAL BLUE top with ruched details on the front and golden ring details on the backside. This will draw the attention upward, minimising the bottom. Another great option is to go for high-cut legs, and bright colored or patterned tops as they are so flattering for pear shapes! REN in baby pink and floral blue will do just that for you. This will create the illusion that you’ve got legs for days, making you look taller whilst accentuating your beautiful curves! 
swimwear kissnthrill kiss n thrill bikini bodyshape body type
Apple shaped girls tend to have slender hips and shoulders with curvier midriffs and a fuller bust! So, it’s super important to find something that offers support for a larger bust. 
Apple body shape body type kissnthrill Kiss n thrill KISS N THRILL swimwear bikini body
Our ZOEY and TIA can offer you a good support for your upper part with its tieable design. You can adjust the bottom part as well to sit nicely on your hips. More importantly, both of them have different colour options for you to mix and match with.
swimwear bikini kissnthrill kiss n thrill body shape body type bikini
Girls with an athletic body type typically have a leaner, straight silhouette and a smaller bust, with little difference in size between the shoulders, waist and hips. If you have this body type, you can actually suit most types of bikini! So play around, try many different styles and see which one you like best.
Swimmies with cutout side-details are the perfect way to create some curves! Our NICOLA onepiece with its cutout design can make your waist look more smaller visually. If you’re looking for a more chic and sporty look, BIA is a total must have for you! Drawing attention to your top with shoulder straps and twisted front design, while also accentuating your bottom with its high string cut.
 kiss n thrill swimwear onepiece bikini body shape body type
A feminine hourglass figure is balanced, yet curvy, with a full bust, round hips and a defined waist. If you’re blessed with this body shape, we recommend wearing bikinis that accentuate your beautiful waist!
kissnthrill kiss n thrill swimwear bikini body shape body type
Our asymmetrical ELLE ONEPIECE for example, has the cuts that not only defines your waist but it also offers a good support for your bust as well. Another great option for you would be our best selling MAWI bikini! 
swimwear onepiece kissnthrill kiss n thrill bikini body shape body type
The inverted triangle – or ‘carrot’ – body shape typically has wide shoulders, a full bust and narrow hips, so it’s important to balance your shape with your swimwear choice.
bikini body swimwear kissnthirll kiss n thrill shape type
You should try to avoid thin straps on your top half, and opt for thicker straps – a halter neck style with wider straps like our ZOEY will be your BFF. 
swimwear kiss n thrill bikini body shape type

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