In 2015 Estonian born and raised founder Katri Palm started travelling the world with her longtime boyfriend. After spending most of the next years in tropical countries exploring, it was only natural that she developed love for bikinis and beachwear. As she was always searching for the perfect swimwear piece that will fit her style, Katri’s now fiancé started encouraging her to create her own beachwear. And it was in 2019 after the couple settled down in Bali, Indonesia, when Kiss ‘n’ Thrill was born.

Our swimwear is handmade with care in Bali, using only the finest materials out there. Rather than a factory machine producing your items, our team are real people that bring Kiss 'n' Thrill pieces to life. We work with highly skilled local craftsman who are well rewarded for their work. By wearing Kiss 'n' Thrill you will also support their families and livelihood and we can't thank you enough for that.

At Kiss ’n’ Thrill we make wise production choices - most of our pieces are limited which means we only make as many pieces we know are going to be sold. We are a slow fashion brand with sustainable ethics.

 Kiss'n'Thrill founder Katri Palm