About the brand

We are thrilled to welcome you to world of KISS ’N’ THRILL, where confidence and bold self-expression meet.

Dreamt up by Estonian globetrotter Katri Kats, who appreciates basics, vintage and also explosive colors, we are here to celebrate the go-getters, the it girls.

At KISS 'N' THRILL we believe your style is a canvas, reflecting your personality. We're all about embracing the fearlessness of young spirited women who define themselves through thirst for adventure, uniqueness and mindful choices. We're talking about pieces that capture the very essence of confidence – unapologetically bold and undeniably you.

But hey, we're not stopping at making you look fab. We see a bigger picture – one where your passion for fashion shakes hands with a planet-friendly attitude. With materials that play nice with the planet and a commitment to eco-friendly moves, our pieces are in it for the long haul.